Frequently asked questions

What time should I arrive for my Party?

About 15 - 20 minutes before the party start time.

What time should I arrive at the monthly clubs?

About 5 - 10 minutes before the club start time.

What should I do if my child can no longer attend the club?

Please email us on or call or text us on 07736 375787 to let us know, that way we can offer your place to another child.

How many players can play?

Currently we have reduced our number of players down to 12 per party or club to help aid in social distancing.

Can we bring our own guns?

Parties / Monthly Clubs: Yes as long as they fire the elite nerf darts, not mega or ultra darts. We currently use X-Shot darts which are compatable with the nerf elite range. We have found that some bigger Nerf blasters may not work as well with these darts. Upon bringing your own gun you will be given a sanitiser wipe and asked to sanitise your gun before and after use as in guidelines with our COVID-19 procedures. Laser Ops Pro Guns: No, we do not allow outside guns to be brought in to our laser ops pro battles, this is because our guns are linked to our app for the game play and outside guns can be customised via the app which will lead in an unfair advantage to other players.

Can we bring our own foam darts?

No please dont bring any foam darts, they are all provided.

Can we bring our own safety glasses or face mask

Yes to both but please make sure that the face masks are Nerf Rival or of a simular design.

Can we book our own venue?

Yes but please check with us before booking the venue so that we can make sure it is a suitable size.

Do you do outdoor Parties?

No, this is due to weather, we dont want to have to cancel your party due to rain or adverse weather conditions.