Our Nerf Laser Ops Pro Laser Tag parties are 2 hours long which include 90 minutes of Nerf Laser Tag battles followed by 30 minutes for food and drink.


The party is suitable for ages 8 years and above and are for 20 players, adults can also join in at parties.


All Nerf Laser Ops Pro blasters are supplied, you are not permitted to bring your own blaster in this game as our blasters are linked to our app, and outside blasters can have upgraded weaponry.


The players will use Nerf Alphapoint’s and the birthday child(s) will get to play with the Nerf Deltaburst during the games.


The party starts with a birthday presentation where the birthday child/person will be presented with a birthday present and card from us, followed by a safety talk, game rules, how to operate the Nerf Laser Ops Pro blasters, photo time and then into Battle.


At the end of every game the players can see where they ranked via our scoreboard.


At the end of the party every player is awarded a certificate and a prize for their bravery in the Nerf Laser Ops Wars.


The games are played in the dark, with the arena lit by disco and UV lights along with laser tag music during the games.

Whats included in my party?

• Venue Hire (Sports Hall) 

• Separate room for food
• 90 minutes of Nerf then 30 mins for food

(no rush to be out after 30 mins)
• All Laser Ops Pro blasters 

• Inflatables and Battlefield equipment
• Blasterforce Supervisors

• Bottled water for every player
• Invitations
• Certificates

• Laser tag music and Disco lights

• Glowsticks
• Birthday Present and Card for the Birthday child