• All staff for any event will wear face masks.


• Staff are required to sanitize all equipment before and after each event.


• Only equipment supplied by Blasterforce may be used, this includes blasters and eye protection.

• Reduced numbers of 12 players only to aid in social distancing.


• We will only allow 1 adult to sign in their child at the check in table.


• All players will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the game arena and when leaving.


• Foam darts will be brand new for each event or party and then disposed of after.


• No sharing of blasters, blasters will be issued to each player and replaced if any issues.

• At parties only the birthday child(s) parents can remain at the party, all other players are to be dropped off and collected by one parent only, other parents will not be allowed to stay during the party.


• No adults will be allowed to join in the games at this time.

• Electronic waiver to be signed and track and trace to be completed for each player in advance.